Sharing Leadership

We're conducting research on how teams in Australia share leadership and hope that you will participate. Details about the research are presented on the next page. These details will also be presented to anyone who wants to participate in the research. The research is not about the work you or your team does so we do not think there is any risk in your participating, but if we are wrong you can withdraw and we will remove your data (this is explained on the next page). 

To do this research we need to collect data from you and your team members using two surveys. We need to know which answers go with which team, so we will give you a code you can use and share with your team. You will need to enter this code as part of the survey. Please don't use this code with more than one team.

We need your email address to send you the code. Your email address will only be used for the distribution of the code. You are not signing up for anything else. 
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